5 Facts about Student Life in Japan

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Have you ever curious to know about student life in Japan? As we know, Japan is a country that has strict rules. Education is the most important thing in Japan. Many people dreamed to study in Sakura country. Besides the education level in Japan is high, the environment of the country are also good.

Here are several facts about student life in Japan!

  1. On-time

On-time is an important thing in every school in Japan. Students must arrive at school at 08.30! If there are Japanese students who arrive late more than 5 times, they must take responsibility and accept the consequences. They will be punished for arriving early and clean up the school. For those of you who want to go to school in Japan, are you ready with this rule?

  1. Students and teachers eat together in the classroom

One interesting fact about public schools in Japan is that everyone eats the same food. As in many other countries, students can choose between buying their lunch in the canteen or bring their own lunch boxes. However, in Japan, students are trained to eat the same type of food (regardless of their preferences) and finish their lunch in the allotted time.

Not only that, students and teachers must to eat together in the classroom. Most Japanese public schools do not have cafeterias where food can be purchased, so students do not get the opportunity to buy their own food except on certain occasions.

  1. There is no janitor

In Japan, schools do not depend on janitors to clean the school environment. Instead, students roll up their sleeves and clean every part of their campus, including restrooms. Yes! Students, teachers, school staff, and even top school leaders such as vice principals and school principals all join together in the clean-up, with everyone assigned to their respective areas.

You guys must be curious why there is no janitor in Japan. It doesn’t mean they could not afford the janitor, but because it can be train responsibility and discipline.

  1. No makeup

Students are not required to wear makeup on their faces. For some students, makeup is an important thing. Makeup can make our face fresh. But it doesn’t require in Japan school. This rule means all the students should not wear makeup or all kinds of cosmetics.

  1. The flag ceremony

For those of you who hate the flag ceremony, maybe going to school in Japan is the best choice. Japanese school is not required their students to do the ceremony every week. But it doesn’t reduce the nationalism of the students.

That’s the facts about student life in Japan. For those of you who want to study in Japan, you must learn the Japanese language first. You can easily learn a Japan language by download Cakap application in App store and Play store.


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