Traditional Sports from Indonesia

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Indonesia is a country rich in culture. Start from dances, tribes until customs.  Loving your own country is just like loving yourself. When you loved, it will continue to be maintained. Speaking of Indonesia, do you know about traditional sport in Indonesia? If you don’t know, let’s look at these 5 traditional Indonesian sports!



Do you know why it’s called pathol? This sport is called pathol because the ones who play this sport are men. This sport is from Rembang. In general, it’s similar to wrestling or in Indonesia is called ‘gulat’. But, the difference is this sport is played on the beach. The winner is determined until a wrestler falls and his back is pressed against the sand.



You guys must similar with enggrang. Enggrang is also one of the most popular traditional sports in Indonesia. Originally from Java, this sport is quite popular among rural communities and is often contested on Indonesian Independence Day and other national events. You only need a pair of small long bamboos that are strong enough to hold your weight. Although enggrang not including official sports, they are popular in the community because they are classified as simple and fun sports.

Enggrang is popular with children because this sport does not require a lot of money and is quite easy to do. But in this modern era, enggrang is difficult to found. It’s rare to find children play enggrang, especially in urban areas.

Pencak Silat


Who doesn’t know pencak silat? You guys must be already popular with pencak silat. This sport has existed from royal times, such as Majapahit and Sriwijaya. Well, during the royal era, pencak silat was used to expand the kingdom, guys. Right now pencak silat already has many branches. Start from cimande silat to betawi silat.



This traditional game is often referred to as a traditional Indonesian original sport because to play it requires dexterity, leadership, cooperation, creativity, insight, and honesty. The tool itself is made from the rows of planks and then given a rubber strap or tire as a slipper. In one bakiak minimum players are 3 persons. Is there anyone who likes to take part in Bakiak competitions on Independence Day?

Sepak Takraw


Sepak Takraw is the first sport originally from Indonesia. This sport originated in South Sulawesi, which was discovered by the Malay sultanate in the 15th century. Even so, many countries disagree or claim about this sport, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and the Philippines which do not agree that this sport originates from Indonesia. For this sports game that is played by kicking the ball with the method used that is like a volleyball game.

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